Starting from March of this year, the proportion of tomato puree in Spilva ketchups is increased up to 60-80% of the product ingredients, making it more qualitative. Significant improvements of recipes and development of new products has resulted in six different starch-free Spilva ketchups henceforward being available in stores. The new range of products with more qualitative ingredients can be recognized from their new bottle design. All Spilva ketchups are manufactured without preservatives.

‘Taking into consideration the demand, we have made significant recipe improvements, increasing the amount of tomato puree in ketchup ingredients. This makes a significant improvement in the product quality. The improvement of ingredients allows to fully renouncing the use of starch in the majority of new ketchup recipes. In these Spilva ketchups starch is replaced by even higher proportion of tomatoes,’ informs Dana Ercina-Uzane, the Marketing Director of Orkla Foods Latvija.

Previously the proportion of tomato puree in the modified ketchup recipes constituted 47-62% of the product. According to the new recipes, the proportion of tomato puree in these ketchups reaches 60-80% depending on the type of the respective product.

Over several years, a programme is implemented in various categories of Spilva products, which is focused on improvements of product ingredients. For example, several innovations were implemented over the recent years, which have allowed renouncing the use of preservatives in all Spilva ketchups and tomato sauces, as well as in other products, significantly increasing the range of Spilva products manufactured without preservatives.

‘The stereotype, according to which ketchup is included in the category of unhealthy products, is ageing very quickly. We have worked hard to make ketchup ingredients more qualitative, and we are glad to be able to offer Spilva ketchups to people who have the highest requirements regarding product ingredients,’ says Dana Ercina-Uzane.

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