The amounts of added salt and sugar have been reduced in different categories of Spilva products made by Orkla Latvija.  At the same time, Orkla Latvija, as one of the leading innovators in Latvian food industry, is offering new products in both the existing and new product categories. The Spilva brand introduces tomato sauce that has no added sugar in the recipe and salt content reduced by 50%.

A revision of several Spilva product recipes commenced last year in order to reduce the amount of salt in the tomato sauce, ketchup, mustard and salad dressing categories. For example, salt content in certain products in the tomato sauce and ketchup range has been reduced by 10% to 30%. This year, technologists have continued to work on reducing sugar amounts in tomato sauces and ketchups, and salt and sugar contents in mayonnaises, revising recipes for all these products.

We are currently conducting all the necessary laboratory and production tests so we could launch production of Spilvamayonnaises with improved recipes, with reduced salt and sugar levels, by the end of this year. Researching alternatives and developing new recipes is a time-consuming process, but it is important that the taste and quality of the products remain the same. This is a real challenge, because taste is an important aspect for all those who love our products,” says Orkla Latvija Communications Director Lineta Mikša.

Revising recipes to reduce salt and sugar contents is part of Orkla Latvija’s sustainability strategy. The strategy provides for a holistic approach to the organization’s operations, and identifies five areas of activity where Orkla Latvija is actively working toward sustainability: nutrition and well-being, safe products, sustainable raw materials, environmental responsibility, care for employees and society. Each field of activity has long-term objectives and targets that are progressive.

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