Orkla Latvija is expanding the product range of its Spilva brand, introducing several new products for vegan-compatible diets. At present, the Spilva product range includes such vegan products as “4 Seasons” Mayonnaise, three kinds of houmouses, sweet mustard, as well as a number of other products.

As we were launching the production of houmous and “4 Seasons” Mayonnaise this season, we have taken a significant step in developing products free from ingredients of animal origin. The preparatory process, which included purchasing ingredients, running laboratory tests, adjusting production equipment and designing packaging, took more than a year, and we are satisfied with the result. The Spilva houmous and “4 Seasons” Mayonnaise can be used broadly in various meals, they are meant for all kinds of gourmets, but at the same time they are Orkla Latvija’s answer to those consumers of our products who are looking for products compatible with vegan diets,” says Orkla Latvija Chief Communications Officer Lineta Mikša.

At the moment Spilva offers three kinds of houmouses under the name of Hummus: classic, with sundried tomatoes and with adjika. The product is made from chickpeas and tahini paste, which consists of roasted and carefully ground sesame seeds. The Spilva hummus is rich in fiber, gluten-free and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

“4 Seasons” Mayonnaise is a new product, made without eggs or other ingredients of animal origin. This is the first Spilva mayonnaise suitable also for adherents of vegan diets.

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