Tomato Sauce Lux

If You want something special, choose our “Lux” tomato sauce!
Due to the high concentration of tomato paste and spices, this sauce has a very special, rich taste, and it does not contain any preservatives!
The “Lux” tomato sauce is much thicker than regular tomato sauces, which makes its great taste even more enjoyable.
No matter, whether You want to prepare a simple meal or a very special dinner for Your loved ones, this sauce will give the perfect last touch to any dish.

The product is available in 0.53 l glass jar. Shelf life, while closed: 24 months. After opening, must be refrigerated.
Nutrition value per 100 g: 87 kcal (365 kJ), 1.6 g protein, 20.4 g carbohydrates, 0 g fat.

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