Street food burger sauce

The special taste of this sauce is made from tomato paste in  combination with mustard and mayonnaise and pickled cucumber bites and garlic. The Street food burger sauce is great for making various burgers. It will highlight the burger’s tempting and juicy flavor. The sauce will also be suitable for fries or fried potatoes, wraps, kebabs and pizzas.

The sauce is filled in 250 ml stand-up pouche. It is an airtight and durable packaging that protects the product from ultraviolet beams, preserving it fresh for longer; comfortable in use and storage. Shelf life – 7 months. After opening keep in the fridge.

100 g of product contains: energetic value 460 kcal (1900 kJ), fat 46 g (of that saturated fat 3.3 g), carbohydrates 9.6 g (of that sugars 7.2 g), protein 1.2 g, salt 1.8 g.

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