Rosehip Syrup

A well-known and beloved flavor, now available in the range of natural syrups by Spilva. The product is made special by its high-quality content – just like other Spilva syrups, it is made without any preservatives, coloring or flavoring agents. The product contains a rosehip juice (44%), sugar and citric acid. We recommend mixing 1 part syrup and 6 parts water.

Syrup filled in 320 ml glass bottle. Storage period in unopened form – 18 months.

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 260 kcal (1090 kJ); carbohydrates – 64 g (including sugars – 63 g); proteins – 0.3 g; fats – 0 g (including saturated fatty acids – 0 g); salt – 0 g.

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