Roasted Onion Mayonnaise

The name itself suggests that the mayonnaise is special because of the crispy, roasted onions that are added during manufacturing process, thus greatly improving the mayonnaise flavor. This mayonnaise will serve as a rich addition to boiled or fried potatoes. It will also improve the taste of sandwiches, hotdogs and hamburgers where roasted onions are widely beloved. This mayonnaise knows no limits when it comes to cooking!

The mayonnaise is filled in 0.25 l stand-up pouches. Shelf life for a closed product: 4 months. To be stored in a refrigerator.

Product 100 g contains: energy value – 460 kcal (1890 kJ), carbohydrates – 7.6 g (of which sugars – 4.5 g), protein – 0.9 g, fat – 47 g (of which saturates – 3.8 g), salt – 1.4 g.

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