Mustard-Honey Dressing

This dressing has a rich fruit-honey taste with light mustard note. It is flowing and homogeneous, with fine plates of mustard seeds, which give the right texture to this dressing. “Mustard-Honey Dressing” contains rapeseed oil, water, mustard (4.7%), honey (2.5%), iodised salt, sugar, vinegar combined with ground mustard seeds and original mixture of spices, which together create the special taste of this dressing. This dressing is lactose-free!

“Mustard-Honey Dressing” will make a great match with traditional meat dishes, vegetable dishes and vegetarian dishes containing meat substitute products. This dressing is especially tasty with chicken dishes, rice, grilled or steamed beef, and also fried bacon strips and lettuce salad. We recommend trying this dressing also with other salads, as well as meat and fish snacks.

This dressing is bottled in a 380 ml plastic bottle. The shelf life of unopened packaging – 12 months. After opening, the product shall be stored in a fridge!

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 380 kcal (1580 kJ); carbohydrates – 15 g (including sugars – 14 g); proteins – 0.3 g; fats – 36 g (including saturated fatty acids – 2.5 g); salt – 0.9 g.

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