Marrow in BBQ sauce

Barbeque flavours find their way in our lives more and more often. In Latvia, “Marrow in BBQ sauce” is a new product made by keeping up with the market trends. It’s a unique product – you will not find salads with the flavour and aroma of smoked goods in the range of salads offered by other manufacturers.

Marrows have strong BBQ taste. Just a pinch of chilli makes the aftertaste rather spicy. Therefore, these salads will be especially enjoyed by those who value spicy smoked goods. Marrows make a tasty snack as well as a great side dish for meat and other main dishes.

On the package label there is an additional marking – green leaf with inscription “Without preservatives”. This means that this product is manufactured following the best homemade approaches (pasteurization); therefore, once the jar is open, it must be stored in a refrigerator.

Product filled in 0.58 l glass jars. Storage period if the product is not opened – 36 months.

100 g product contains: energetic value – 100 kcal (420 kJ), fat – 4 g (of them saturated fatty acids – 0.3 g), carbohydrates – 15 g (of them sugars – 13 g), proteins – 1.2 g, salt – 1.8 g.

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