Mango-curry sauce

“Mango-curry sauce” is brilliant with a combination of Indian, Brazilian and Mexican flavors. The mango is called a fruit of God or a tropical apple, which shows that people from antiquity have seen it as particularly valuable. Thanks to the curry, the sauce will stimulate the appetite and give the food a freshly felt seasoning and a wonderfully golden color, while the sun’s heated and energy-soaked mango will charge you positively for everyday activities.

The sauce consists of mango puree and mango flakes, white wine vinegar and concentrated pineapple juice have also been added for acidity, and the taste is enriched by curry. The sauce tastes very well with a variety of kinds of couscous, rice and chicken dishes. The sauce can also be used as marinade.

The sauce is filled in a 380 ml plastic bottle. Storage period in unopened form – 12 months.

100 g of the product contains: energy value – 300 kcal (1230 kJ); carbohydrates – 13.2 g (of which sugar – 10.5 g); protein – 0.6 g; fat – 27 g (of which saturated fatty acids – 2.0 g); salt – 1.1 g.

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