Yoghurt-chives sauce

A little forgotten treat is chives. Chives are more gentle than, for example, leeks, onion chives or shallots, so the sauce will be particularly enjoyed by fans of more nuanced flavours. The “Yoghurt-chives sauce” will be the most suited for a different kind of fresh salads. The sauce contains lemon juice, which will give the salad a special freshness.

With the “Yoghurt-chives sauce,” it is possible to provide a memorable taste for meat dishes as well. The sauce will also well complement the vegetable dishes and improve the taste and smell of the favorite dishes. The sauce is great for toasts with fresh tomatoes or a morning omlet with goat cheese, it can be used instead of butter on bread or soft-boiled egg. Freshens up and complements steamed or fried potatoes in a tasty way. Yet a real gourmet “bomb” is salmon, along with asparagus and the airy “Yoghurt-chives sauce” that is accompanied by freshly sliced cucumbers.

The sauce is filled in a 380 ml plastic bottle. Storage period in unopened form – 12 months.

100 g of the product contains: energy value – 185 kcal (770 kJ); carbohydrates – 10 g (of which sugar – 7.2 g); protein – 2.2 g; fat – 15 g (of which saturated fatty acids – 1.1 g); salt – 1.2 g.

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