Greek Yoghurt Dressing

The creamy and mild dressing has obtained its name and pleasant, fresh taste from Greek yoghurt. The use of this dressing is very extensive. It will make a great combination together with fresh vegetables and vegetable salad. “Greek Yoghurt Dressing” is also ideal for pasta salad, salty cakes, sandwiches and various snacks. It can be mixed with additive-free yoghurt achieving even milder and airier, but still creamy consistency dressing, which will be ideally suitable for lettuce.

This dressing is bottled in a 295 ml plastic bottle. The shelf life of unopened packaging – 8 months. After opening, the product shall be stored in a fridge!

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 390 kcal (1620 kJ); carbohydrates – 5.7 g (including sugars – 4.3 g); proteins – 2.5 g; fats – 40 g (including saturated fatty acids – 5.2 g); salt – 0.7 g.

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