Garden Herbs Dressing RANCH

This salad dressing has lightness of garden herbs, creamy structure and flowing consistency. The special taste of this dressing is supplemented by finely chopped parsley leaves, which give a green color note to the white dressing and stimulate appetite. Ingredients of “Garden Herbs Dressing RANCH” include rapeseed oil, skimmed milk powder, milk whey powder, egg yolk and such garden herbs as paprika, chives, onions, parsley, combined with especially fine cut carrots and parsnips.

“Garden Herbs Dressing RANCH” is nourishing and its use in vegetable salad – quite universal. This dressing will enrich and make a great match with other different dishes. It will be a great dressing for various potato, pasta, vegetable and meat dishes, as well as for fresh vegetables and various snacks.

This dressing is bottled in a 380 ml plastic bottle. The shelf life of unopened packaging – 8 months. After opening, the product shall be stored in a fridge!

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 350 kcal (1660 kJ); carbohydrates – 6.7 g (including sugars – 4.8 g); proteins – 1.9 g; fats – 35 g (including saturated fatty acids – 2.6 g); salt – 1 g.

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