4 Season Mayonnaise

Spilva “4 Season Mayonnaise” is delicious, it is melting in the mouth and has thick consistency. It would fit into the menu for even the most demanding and sophisticated gourmet in any season, because its application is universal. This is real gourmet mayonnaise! In addition, this is the first mayonnaise in the range of Spilva, which is also suitable for vegans because it does not contain eggs and other products of animal origin. “4 Season Mayonnaise” contains rapeseed oil, water, sugar, alcohol vinegar, mustard, salt. Mayonnaise contains valuable Omega 3 fatty acids. The product contains no gluten!

The “4 Season Mayonnaise” will greatly supplement the meal both in the daily life and during celebrations. Serve this mayonnaise at a variety of snacks as the dip sauce, put on breakfast toast or bread as a butter, use in serving various meals, add to salads. The application is so extensive!

Mayonnaise filled in a 480 ml glass jars. Storage period in unopened form – 6 months. Store at temperature between +1 and +12 °C. Store in refrigerator after opening.

100 g of the product contain: energy value – 630 kcal (2590 kJ); fats – 68 g (including saturated fatty acids – 4.8 g); carbohydrates – 4.2 g (including sugars – 3.4 g); proteins – 0.1 g; salt – 1 g.

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